The Beautiful Quilts of the Diamond Jubilee Quilt Show 2017

Displayed are all the quilts entered in the Diamond Jubilee Quilt Show, Judged and Unjudged.  Congratulations to all members who shared their quilts.

Flickr photos from the album Quilts of the Diamond Jubilee Quilt Show 2017 by Marcia Hoekstra

107 Best of Show  Beverly Giddings107 Best of Show Beverly Giddings
108 Solo Artist Marcia Hoekstra108 Solo Artist Marcia Hoekstra
109 Innovative Louise Robinson109 Innovative Louise Robinson
111 Best Use of Color Mabel Weisser111 Best Use of Color Mabel Weisser
110 Judge's Choice Mary Grass110 Judge's Choice Mary Grass
84  Viewer's Choice Marlys Boetcher84 Viewer's Choice Marlys Boetcher
106 Victoria Perito106 Victoria Perito
104 Candace West104 Candace West
105 Peggy Evans105 Peggy Evans
128 Madelyn Prosachik128 Madelyn Prosachik
1 Joanne Tuxbury1 Joanne Tuxbury
2 Candace West2 Candace West
4 Mary Pommier4 Mary Pommier
5 Elisa Willis5 Elisa Willis
6 Jeremy Neff6 Jeremy Neff
7 Natalie Scott7 Natalie Scott
8 Lynda Wormwood8 Lynda Wormwood
11 Marly Boetcher11 Marly Boetcher
10 Marion Daniels10 Marion Daniels
9 Susan Dean9 Susan Dean
12 Marly Boetcher12 Marly Boetcher
13 Beverly Giddings13 Beverly Giddings
14 Karen Crosby14 Karen Crosby
15 Pat McDonald15 Pat McDonald
16 Roberta Schaefer16 Roberta Schaefer
17 Victoria Perito17 Victoria Perito
18 Marcia Taschenberger18 Marcia Taschenberger
19 Mary Redrick19 Mary Redrick
20 Louise Robinson20 Louise Robinson
21 Victoria Perito21 Victoria Perito
22 Joyce Hesketh22 Joyce Hesketh
23 Esther Boeckel23 Esther Boeckel
24 Joanne Morales24 Joanne Morales
25 Alice Hurley25 Alice Hurley
26 Marcia Hoekstra26 Marcia Hoekstra
27 Elaine Arnau27 Elaine Arnau
28 Jeremy Neff28 Jeremy Neff
29 Marcia Hoekstra29 Marcia Hoekstra
30 Peggy Evans30 Peggy Evans
31 Mary Pommier31 Mary Pommier
32 Louise Robinson32 Louise Robinson
33 Joanne Tuxbury33 Joanne Tuxbury
34 Beverly Giddings34 Beverly Giddings
35 Mary Grass35 Mary Grass
36 Mary Pommier36 Mary Pommier
37 Candace West37 Candace West
38 Denise Dubey38 Denise Dubey
39 Ruth Hampson39 Ruth Hampson
40 Trish Bendler & Turning Points40 Trish Bendler & Turning Points
41 Elaine Arnau41 Elaine Arnau
42 Karen Crosby42 Karen Crosby
43 Geri Werking43 Geri Werking
44 Joan Novak & Turning Points44 Joan Novak & Turning Points
45 Elaine Arnau & Turning Points45 Elaine Arnau & Turning Points
46 Mary Pommier & Turning Points46 Mary Pommier & Turning Points
47 Klonda Holt & Rammbling River Art Quilters47 Klonda Holt & Rammbling River Art Quilters
48 Joyce Hoke48 Joyce Hoke
49 Mary Pommier & Crazy Quilters49 Mary Pommier & Crazy Quilters
50 Mary Pommier50 Mary Pommier
51 Patsy Jenkins &  Vicki Howard51 Patsy Jenkins & Vicki Howard
52 Marly Boetcher52 Marly Boetcher
53 Sue Reisner53 Sue Reisner
54 Sandra Charlton54 Sandra Charlton
55 Alice Crum55 Alice Crum
56 Elaine Arnau56 Elaine Arnau
57 Louise Robinson57 Louise Robinson
58 Madelyn  Prosachik58 Madelyn Prosachik
59 Marcia Hoekstra59 Marcia Hoekstra
60 Trish & Randy Bentler60 Trish & Randy Bentler
61 Donna Moore-Lavoie61 Donna Moore-Lavoie
62  Linda Cutten62 Linda Cutten
63 Marcia Taschenberger63 Marcia Taschenberger
64 Klonda Holt64 Klonda Holt
65 Louise Robinson65 Louise Robinson
66 Cathy Conn66 Cathy Conn
67 Mary Pommier67 Mary Pommier
68 Karen Crosby68 Karen Crosby
69 Ruth Hampson69 Ruth Hampson
70 Elaine Arnau70 Elaine Arnau
71 Natalie Scott71 Natalie Scott
72 Mary Pommier72 Mary Pommier
73 Mary Pommier73 Mary Pommier
74 Geneva Hoke74 Geneva Hoke
75 Sue Reisner75 Sue Reisner
76 Elaine Arnau76 Elaine Arnau
78 Edie Wehner78 Edie Wehner
79 Leda Hall79 Leda Hall
80 Marcia Hoekstra80 Marcia Hoekstra
81 Mary Pommier81 Mary Pommier
82  Peggy Evans82 Peggy Evans
83 Joyce Hesketh83 Joyce Hesketh
77 Joan Novak77 Joan Novak
85  Roberta Schaefer85 Roberta Schaefer
86 Natalie Scott86 Natalie Scott
87 Sandra Charlton87 Sandra Charlton
88 Kathy Metelica Cray88 Kathy Metelica Cray
89 Edie Wehner89 Edie Wehner
90 Mary Redrick90 Mary Redrick
91  Lila Runnels91 Lila Runnels
92 Roberta Schaefer92 Roberta Schaefer
93 Pat Mainster93 Pat Mainster
94 Elaine Arnau94 Elaine Arnau
95 Natalie Scott95 Natalie Scott
96 Linda Cutten96 Linda Cutten
97 Patsy Jenkins97 Patsy Jenkins
98 Mary Redrick98 Mary Redrick
99 Joyce Hoke99 Joyce Hoke
100 Klonda Holt100 Klonda Holt
101 Leda Hall101 Leda Hall
102 Denise Dubey102 Denise Dubey