Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "cruiser quilt"?

Creative Quilters make cruiser quilts all year long.  In April and October the guild presents the quilts to the Sheriff's Department.  The quilts are kept in the cruisers to be given out mainly to children under stress, but also to any person needing comfort.

What are the objectives of the guild?

A. To further education by teaching the making and presevation of quilts for future generations as historic and cultural values.

B. To make quilts for donation to non-profit and charitable organizations.

Who joins Creative Quilters?

Any person interested in the art of quilting shall be eligible for membership upon payment of annual dues.


Where and when do Creative Quilters meet?

Creative Quilters meet every second Wednesday of the month for a Business Meeting at 9:30 am in St. Ann's Episcopal Church, 9870 W. Fort Island Trail, Crystal River and every fourth Wednesday at 9:30 for a workshop for members.


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Hey there ~ have a friend looking for material with like 'hot sauce bottles' print or 'hot peppers' print. Or something like that. Anyone have any extra stuffed somewhere? Thanks