Creative Quilter’s 2017 Challenge

Creative Quilter’s 2017 Challenge



Why start another project when you are trying to get old ones finished? Many of us are working to finish quilts for the show or just want to get some projects done. So let’s set our goals and see who wins!


RULES: By the March 2017 meeting you must submit your entry form(s) & photo(s) of UNFINISHED entries that you wish to finish this year.

Each entry must have been started (at least cut out) prior to February 2017 and must need more than binding to be completed.

Entry FEES:  

    1 – 2 UFOs: $5.00

    3 – 5 UFOs: $10.00

    More than 6 UFOs: $15.00


Prizes awarded for:

  • Oldest UFO finished

  • Most UFOs finished

  • 2nd most UFOs finished


NOTE: Finished entries must have 3 layers and be quilted. Quilts must have a minimum perimeter (the total distance around the outside) of 100 inches.   


Bring your completed entry for Show & Tell from April 2017 until January 2018. Make sure to have your completed project checked off against your list by me or another designated checker.


After the January 2018 Show & Tell, the winners will be determined.


See the entry form for further information.


If you have any questions let me know

Mary Pommier, Challenge Chair