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Creative Quilters Quilt Show

   Where will the quilt show be ?

Quilts of Valor Blocks

Making blocks for the Quilts of Valor drive has become a pet project, not only for Candace West, but for the guild.  The Kit Squad created over 100 kits for this last chance to make blocks.  Only 10 members were present, but managed to produce 40 blocks and have a good time.

June - Slice of Florida Workshop

Candace West taught a class basted on her award winning Slice of Florida which was featured in Quilters Newsletter.  The quilt is her interpitation of the traditional Rob Peter to Pay Paul pattern.  

May 2015 Workshop

Trish Bendler lead a fun and informative class in Free Motion Quilting.  Every quilter who does free motion will tell you it is practice, practice, practice.  The quilter's first thought about free motion is that some people have a special talent, but Trish assured the quilters it is much easier than anyone thinks.

July 2015 Show and Tell

July has 16 quilts to show.  



We are a not for profit quilt guild located in Citrus County Florida.  Our objectives are to further education by teaching the making and perservation of quilts for future generations and to make quilts for donation to non-profit and charitable organizations.  Mailing address:
 Creative Quilters
 P.O. Box 2455
 Homosassa Springs, FL 34447