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May 2017 Show and Tell

Kathy Cray brought another of her collection of antique quilts for the meeting program.  She explained how Sampler quilts like this one from 1890 came about.

Quilt Show - 4" hannging sleeve

4" Hanging Sleeve is required for the Quilt Show

Cut fabric of your choice (muslin is good) the width of the quilt + 2", 9" wide. Fold ends in 1" and sew
FoldLenthwise to MEET IN CENTER. Crease edges.
Sew 1/4" seam
Sew CREASES to quilt - front will gap, your seam will be in back touching the quilt.
Sew back of ends to quilt

April 2017 Show and Tell

Again there was a large Show and Tell.

Kathy Cray displays an antique quilt

Creative Quilters member Kathy Cray ,left, with the help of Mary Redrick, holds up an antique quilt Kathy acquired from a family from East Barnard, Virginia.  Kathy spent 5 years researching this quilt and the names of the ladies writen on it.  It was made by Augusta Eliza Allen Graves while she waited for

February 2017 Show and Tell

What a busy month, lots of finished quilts.



We are a not for profit quilt guild located in Citrus County Florida.  Our objectives are to further education by teaching the making and perservation of quilts for future generations and to make quilts for donation to non-profit and charitable organizations.  Mailing address:
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