Recent News

The Cruiser Workshop September 28,2011

More like a party than a workshop.  Fun was had by all.

Cruiser Quilt Workshop September 2011

Connie Long's brother, John Chapman, donated several boxes of squares Connie had cut to be used to make Cruiser Quilts.

September Show and Tell

Inspired Quilter

John Chapman

Connie Long's brother John Chapman has come to our business meetings to sell Connie's large stash and was so inspired by the quilts he made two himself.  John joined the Show and Tell with his quilts, both can be seen on the October Show and Tell in the Photo Gallery.

Quilt Care from AQS

Bobbie Aug  learned to sew on treadle sewing machines in Illinois. Bobbie was inspired by the quiet, dignified beauty of nineteenth-century quilts and began making quilts 30 years ago.



We are a not for profit quilt guild located in Citrus County Florida.  Our objectives are to further education by teaching the making and perservation of quilts for future generations and to make quilts for donation to non-profit and charitable organizations.  Mailing address:
 Creative Quilters
 P.O. Box 2455
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