Kathy Cray displays an antique quilt

Creative Quilters member Kathy Cray ,left, with the help of Mary Redrick, holds up an antique quilt Kathy acquired from a family from East Barnard, Virginia.  Kathy spent 5 years researching this quilt and the names of the ladies writen on it.  It was made by Augusta Eliza Allen Graves while she waited for her husband Charles Wellington Graves to return from Gettysburg in 1863. Augusta died at the age of 48 in 1894 and was 7th generation from Ethan Allen.  Anyone who has a quilt of any age should bring it to the Creative Quilters quilt show, "Diamond Jubilee" October 13 and 14, 2017 to have a professional appraiser appraise it and keep all information about the quilt in a safe place.  Someday, someone will want to know the history of your quilt.  An appraisal would also protect the owner in case of losing the quilt to theft, fire or flood, to prove it's worth to your insurance company.